The new ID Card


NIDO Germany is an organization made up of highly skilled and qualified Nigerians in Germany pulled together by their passion for a sustainable development in their homeland Nigeria and their readiness to make their input into this development.

Outstanding Nigerians who are neither professionals nor academicians are welcome as members of NIDO Germany due to their achievements in their respective areas.

NIDO Germany is therefore leading the first ID Card Scheme in the actualization of Diaspora Data base policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria and we are also proud to follow the example of the Federal Government ID card scheme in Nigeria.

In European and indeed German media, 'Nigeria' plays only a very subordinate role. The few pieces of news that make it to Europe have - without exception - negative connotations making unjustly every Nigerian a 419. Part of the central goal of NIDO Germany is to move members and Nigerians from a limelight characterized by dishonesty and fear to one of pride and respect

The ID Card scheme when fully implemented will be a Data-Gate Way for comprehensive Nigerian Diaspora Germany Database capturing students, professional Groups and business people.

The Advantages include:

  1. Proper and secured and verifiable identification of the card holder as a member of NIDO Germany
  2. Proper and secured and verifiable identification of the card holder as honest and dependable
  3. Offer Card holders free or rebate to Business and Investment events organize by associating partners
  4. Identify Card holders as promoter of business, trade and investment opportunities
  5. Card holders receive assistance across the world wthin NIDO worlds families were they seek to position themselves.

 Companies and businesses wishing to identify with this historic biometric ID landmark are invited as sponsors. Contact NIDO Today!

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